A Naked Bugatti EB110 Is Something Every Gearhead Should See

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Back in 1991 Bugatti was not the ultimate trump card for automotive know-it-alls that it is today. After several failed revival attempts it built the (mostly forgotten) EB110. The car was incredibly powerful and fast with a 3.5-liter quad-turbo V12 which produced 553 horsepower, but it was too expensive for the time with at $350,000. Now the EB110 is an extremely rare collectible despite its less than stellar looks. Only 33 SS versions were ever made, which boosted the power to an insane 603 horses.

Not many people will ever get to see one of the 33 EB110 SS models, but thanks to YouTuber Spencer Berke we can now have an extremely intimate look at the rare Bugatti. This example is shown without any body panels. It is remarkable how much the bare car actually resembles the shape of the Veyron. This thing might be even cooler naked.

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