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A New and Much Improved Jaguar XF Will Debut This Spring

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Picture the XE, only a bit bigger.

Based on looks alone, it's hard to believe the existing Jaguar XF has been around since 2007. Its styling blew nearly everyone away and made even BMWs at the time look conservative. Just a shade under a decade later, Jaguar will reveal its all-new, second generation XF this spring, likely at the New York Auto Show. We've seen some spy shots of prototype mules on the road, so it's no surprise that the final product is nearly ready to go.

From those photos as well as various reports, the latest of which comes from Autocar, we can assume the new XF will draw heavily from the also new XE's styling. Both cars share the same scalable platform. Jaguar sources are hinting the new XF will have sharper, more dynamic body creases than the current car, and its overall proportions will look quite similar to the XE's coupe-like silhouette. Also expect the redesigned XF to have a grille similar to that found on the XE. Like Audi, Jaguar wants its entire lineup to share a common look. The XE's interior also provides a preview of what we'll find in the new XF.

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Compared to the current XF, its replacement will be slightly larger in order to provide additional rear passenger and trunk space. Jaguar is also using various weight-saving measures in order to avoid packing on the pounds. And yes, a new high-performing XFR is very much in the cards, as is a new Sportbrake, which is expected to be offered in the US. Good things are happening here as Jaguar attempts to hit harder at its German (and now Cadillac) rivals.