A New Insane Dartz is Coming this Year

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Because whale foreskin leather seats aren't strange enough.

We haven't heard much lately from everyone's favorite over-the-top Latvian armored vehicle builder, Dartz. The Prombron and the Kombat make up its current lineup, and if you're in the market for something bullet proof with a Jacuzzi and even whale penis foreskin leather seats (no joke), your search is over. Just ask Kanye West, one of the few celebrities who, for whatever reasons, feared for his and his family's safety and bought a Dartz.

Sasha Baron Cohen even had his "The Dictator" character, Admiral General Haffaz Aladeen, drive around in a gold-plated Prombron. Today, however, we're getting word that Dartz has something new and most certainly outrageous planned for later this year. This new Dartz model will reportedly be armored once again and based on the chassis of the Mercedes GL63 AMG. It will also share its 557 horsepower turbo V8 engine. As with any Dartz, this thing is going to be a big sucker: 20 feet long, over 6 feet wide and nearly 7 feet tall. It will also have a retractable roof that can be used as an escape route. Bonkers hardly even begins to describe what we're about to see.

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