A New Bugatti Won't Happen Until the Veyron is Sold Out

Calling all rich people: please go out and buy those remaining Veyrons ASAP. Thanks.

While Bugatti may be in the midst of planning the Veyron’s successor, the exotic car maker has confirmed what we’ve long suspected: that new model won’t launch until all remaining Veyrons have been sold. Basically, parent company Volkswagen needs to unload some $84.9 million worth of Veyrons as soon as possible. Back in 2011, all Veyron coupes were sold out, but only last December did Bugatti announce that it still had nearly 40 Grand Sport convertibles left in inventory.

“There will be no introduction on any new model until the Grand Sport and Vitesse are sold out,” stated Bugatti sales director for the Americas. To help get those remaining units out the door, Bugatti is offering something called the Dynamic Drive Experience in the US in an effort to show the car off to potential and extremely wealthy buyers. About 20 to 25 prospective customers are invited every weekend of the program for a little test drive. Bugatti expects the remaining Veyrons to be sold out within the next 12 months, but we shouldn’t expect to hear any announcement regarding a new model for at least a couple of years.

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