A New Chevy Trailblazer is Exactly What the US Needs


Unfortunately it's a long shot to make production.

With the reveal of the new Chevrolet Colorado mid-size pickup, a number of SUV enthusiasts have been hoping GM will turn that truck into a new Trailblazer. Remember, the only mid-size SUV Chevy offers really isn't an SUV at all: the Equinox is a soccer mom-friendly crossover. Although GM hasn't ruled out adding rear seats and extended the roof of the Colorado, there must first be a business case for such a model.

While GM execs work that one out, rendering artist extraordinaire Theophilus Chin has just released his vision for what a Colorado-based Trailblazer could potentially look like. It clearly shares its front-end styling with the pickup but its wheel arches, notably the rear, have been smoothed out. Overall, this would make a fine mid-size off-road capable SUV, but if the CUV market continues to grow at its current rate don't expect to see a new Trailblazer anytime soon. The Silverado-based Tahoe and Suburban will have to suffice.

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Source Credits: theophiluschin.com

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