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A New Crossover Based on the Mazda2 is Coming

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For Japan, at least.

It seems as if it came out of nowhere, but the small crossover segment is a rapidly growing market. Even the US is witnessing strong sales of models like the Buick Encore and Nissan Juke. And now it's being reported that Mazda wants in on the sales action, too. Thing is, the US isn't the target market. The Japanese business daily, Nikkei, is reporting that the automaker is planning to reveal a Mazda2-based crossover sometime later this year.

It will debut around the same time as the redesigned Mazda2 hatchback. Obviously, such a CUV would slot in below the well-received CX-5, but Mazda hasn't said a word regarding its US market potential. Heck, there was even some earlier debate as to whether the Mazda2 will continue to be sold in the US at all due to dwindling sales that can partly be blamed on its cousin, the Ford Fiesta. For now, this new Mazda2-based small CUV will be for Japan only, but will likely one day go on sale in Europe as well. It'll even have a diesel engine option. But if small CUV demand continues to rise in the US, Mazda may change its mind.

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