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A New Era For Maserati Set To Begin

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Starting with a brand-new sports car.

Italian automaker Maserati has been struggling as global sales slumped by nearly 20 percent in 2018. Parent company Fiat Chrysler has admitted lumping Maserati with Alfa Romeo was a mistake because Maserati was not designed to be a mainstream brand. FCA CEO Mike Manley said, "With hindsight, when we put Maserati and Alfa together, it did two things. Firstly, it reduced the focus on Maserati the brand. Secondly, Maserati was treated for a period of time almost as if it were a mass market brand, which it isn't and shouldn't be treated that way."

Maserati is currently gearing up for a renaissance with all-new products. This brand resurgence will begin with a new sports car built in Modena, Italy - the Alfieri Concept we have been asking for may finally be on its way.

Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati, met with local government officials to reaffirm the mission of the Modena plant. The plant will continue to "utilize special capabilities and a very particular fabrication cycle: a wholesome synergy of craftsmanship and innovation, unscrupulous attention to detail and the applications of the highest quality standards, resulting in the manufacturing of unique, exclusive products which represent the very best of the 'Made in Italy' brand worldwide."

Maserati plans to upgrade its productions lines starting fall of 2019. Once the upgrades are completed, the first pre-production versions of an all-new sports car will roll off the assembly line in the first half of 2020. With production set to begin in 2020, we may hear more news about a production car sometime near the end of 2019 or the beginning of 2020.

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This new sports car will likely be the production version of the Alfieri Concept, which was revealed a few years ago as a potential replacement to the GranTurismo. The Alfieri will be developed with help from Ferrari including electric and plug-in hybrid drivetrains. Maserati has promised impressive performance metrics including a 0-62 mph time of around two seconds and a top speed of over 186 mph.

The Alfieri will late be joined by other electric models from Maserati's upcoming Blue Line as well as additional PHEVs. The Ghibli, Levante, and Quattroporte will all be replaced by 2022 and a new SUV will join the lineup as Maserati puts the finishing touches on its product renaissance.