A New Ford Focus RS Has Been Delayed (Again)


Why? To sum it up: blame the new Mustang.

On the one hand, we're all mighty happy that Ford is selling the Focus ST outside of Europe this time around; it's been a phenomenal success in the US. It is without question one of the best hot hatches you can buy today. But don't consider us greedy if we're still looking for something even more powerful from the Blue Oval. The previous-gen Focus was given the RS treatment, which again was only available overseas, so why shouldn't the current car be afforded the same?

Plans were previously in place to launch a new RS for 2015, but now that's not happening. Ford's European boss recently clarified that "there's nothing to talk about" in regards to a new Focus RS, at least for now. So what could possibly have caused the change of heart? The new 2015 Mustang. Originally, the plan was to sell the RS and Mustang alongside each other, but now it appears that Ford is finding that a hard business case to make. Remember, the new 2.3-liter turbo four with over 300 hp will be offered in the Mustang, and it was also the planned choice for the RS. This could result in some internal competition Ford has no interest in having. But don't write off the RS entirely, it's just delayed or the time being.

Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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