A New Lexus IS Model Is Coming

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A trademark has been discovered suggesting a new performance sedan is in the offing.

Lexus has only just debuted the new IS luxury sedan and it looks like a marvelous step up from the existing model. Along with this new base variant, we expect to see a hotter IS F at some point, but now it seems that the Japanese brand has a middling new model lined up.

This week, gr86.org revealed that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has received documentation for Lexus to trademark the IS500 name. Some speculate that this could mean a new V8-powered model, and since it slots in below the IS F, we would assume that this may be a BMW M340i and Mercedes-AMG C43 rival.

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Lexus has been making some very good cars for a long time now, but the brand has always struggled to truly compete with its German counterparts, especially on the higher end of the performance scale. Cars like the M3 are very difficult to outshine, but a new IS500 model may be just what the brand needs to attract new buyers that don't want to spend quite as much on the typical choice while still having a fun and fast luxury sedan. Since the trademark has only just been filed, this new model may yet be a long way off, but it should be exciting nonetheless.

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Lexus once promised thatits V8 engine will be sticking around for some time to come, but even if this is the last we see of it, it's an exciting prospect that may have the perfect blend of subtle class and quiet capability. Along witha new crossover and presumably even more new models, the Lexus resurgence looks like it will be worth taking note of as the company seeks to truly cement itself as a worthy alternative to the traditional luxury marques. Does the possibility of this new Lexus mean anything right now? No - the new Bimmers and Mercs are surely going to get the same large slices of the pie they're accustomed to, but should Lexus do a good job here, that may change in the future.

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Source Credits: gr86.org

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