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A New Nissan Leaf Is Sold Every 10 Minutes (In Europe)

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At the same time the 100,000th Leaf has been sold.

Truth be told, electric cars are not about to completely take over. We're still a number of years away from that happening. But EVs such as the second generation Nissan Leaf continues to sell well in many parts of the world, Europe especially. Nissan has just announced that it has not only sold its 100,000th Leaf, but also that one Leaf is sold every 10 minutes across Europe. A total of 37,000 Leafs have been ordered in Europe in less than eight months. No similar figures were given for the US.

For the record, these numbers reflect both the first and second generation models, as the latter only went on sale last October. The milestone Leaf in focus was sold to a woman in Madrid, Spain who was dead set on buying an EV. Given the Leaf's price tag (starting at $22,490 after a federal tax credit), it success should really come as no surprise given it never had much competition until more recently. Today, there's the Chevrolet Bolt and in the near future the Hyundai Kona EV. The Tesla Model 3, though the cheapest Tesla, still costs a fair amount more than the Leaf, and it's had plenty of production issues.

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The 2018 Leaf is also the first Nissan in Europe to offer the automaker's autonomous ProPilot and ProPilot Park technologies, allowing for single-lane traffic use and advanced automated parking. Both systems are being rolled out to additional Nissan vehicles. Europe really is one of the Nissan Leaf's best markets as owners there have driven over 2 billion kilometers (1.24 billion miles), saving over 300,000 tons of C02 in the process.