A New Option For A 1000 HP Car (w/video)

SEMA 2010 / 90 Comments

I've always loved American muscle cars. There's nothing quite like that kind of singularity of purpose. Here's a category of cars that wasn't ever really concerned with turning corners or stopping. Unfortunately, the sort of people who think that any form of purely visceral fun is inherently bad managed to effectively kill off muscle cars for several decades. Automotive technology has come a long way in recent years though, and thanks to some innovative thinking, we have our muscle cars back.

While all of the bigger-engined versions of these cars which can be bought right from the dealership are nice (and some, like the Challenger SRT8 392, are very nice), we've had to take notice of one aftermarket Challenger in particular. That would be the 2009 Challenger built for Cult (the energy drink company) by Southern Hotrod. The Cult Challenger is the kind of car that can be intimidating even when it's parked. The giant blower sticking out of the hood, the widebody kit wearing a matte black paint job and the few touches of red are pure menace. Rumor has it that this car is putting down 1000 horsepower.

Southern Hotrod actually says that the engine/blower is capable for even more, but that would be getting into some uncharted territory, and nobody wants to blow up an engine as a result of getting a little too happy with the boost.

1000 horsepower is still plenty though, and these are the sorts of aftermarket modifications that we need more of. It is true that this kind of power doesn't come cheap, altogether more than $60,000 was spent turning the Challenger into the beast you see here, but if you weigh that against what other 1000 horsepower cars cost, you almost can't afford not to buy one.

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