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A New Paintjob Is Why You Have To Be Megarich To Own A Koenigsegg


A new lick of paint costs as much as a brand-new BMW M4.

Koenigsegg makes some of the fastest, most powerful, most technically-advanced hypercars in the world. And the Swedish carmaker's latest offering – the breathtaking Regera – has pushed the boundaries once more. Speaking with Sales Directors Andreas Petre and Tariq Ali at the Geneva Motor Show last week, we asked what it takes to sell these million-dollar machines. The short answer is, the cars sell themselves.

Without showing pictures or revealing details of the Regera, the sales guys simply called up customers and told them a new Segg was on the way.That’s all they had to say to seal the deal. But that doesn’t mean these guys jobs are easy. As for the next 18 months, buyers have to be babied while they wait for their new toys. Phone calls at four in the morning about a change of heart regarding the body color are not uncommon. “So what if they change their mind after the car’s been painted?” we asked. Andreas explained that there’s a day of no return. A communique is sent on that day informing come 12 pm there’s no turning back. “But what if there’s a subsequent change of heart?”

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With typical Swedish coolness, Andreas replied: “No problem. The client simply has to pay 60,000 Euros and wait three more months.” In a world where money is no object, a paint job costs the same as a brand-new BMW M4.