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A New Rotary Sports Car? It's Just a Dream According to Mazda

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Well, looks like we can close the file on that one.

For a long time there were hints, many of which came directly from Mazda officials, of a new RX rotary sports car. A reborn RX-7 and even a flagship RX-9 were looking possible. Then came news earlier this month stating that the rotary project was officially off. It wasn’t just some rumor. The words came directly from the Mazda CEO himself. But not everyone was so willing to accept that. CarAdvice reached out to the Japanese automaker’s global sales and marketing chief, Masahiro Moro, earlier this week at LA to seek his thoughts on the subject.

Sadly, he confirmed what his boss already made quite clear. Moro told the Australian publication, regarding a new RX, that "somebody has some dream, that’s fine having dream, but from a business stand point...this project has not been 'on.' " However, Moro did confirm that a very small group of engineers are continuing to develop rotary technology, but this would likely be used as a generator or as part of its hydrogen car development as opposed to being a standalone engine.

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