A New Study Says This Porsche Is America's Most-Loved Car

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Wait until you see what the least-loved car is.

The San Diego-based research firm Strategic Vision has just released its Most Loved Vehicles Of 2015 list. We've actually covered this list before so we won't get into the nitty gritty details of the formulas behind it here. Each car was given a score on the Customer Love Index, or CLI. All age groups were measured, and shockingly it's millennials who love their cars more than any other group. Millennials gave an average score of 470 to cars they rated whereas the other age ranges came in at a CLI of 400.

Strategic Vision noted how this was a bit odd given the fact the younger folks generally tend to buy more economical cars which are traditionally designed to save money, not create a strong emotional attachment. "Essentially, they love their compact hatchbacks so much that they rate them similarly as owners of luxury convertibles," the firm said. Senior vice president of Strategic Vision Christopher Chaney believes that young folks just have stars in their eyes. "As new younger buyers enter any market they essentially crush hard on their choices, believing that their first love will always be their only," said Chaney. So everyone loved their first car when they were young. But what cars topped the list?

The Porsche Macan received the top CLI with a score of 629. The Chevrolet Corvette Convertible was right behind it at 617 points. The study measured a wide variety of vehicle segments and some did much better than others. The Toyota Prius and Camry Hyrbid ending up finishing dead last with a CLI of 354. That's behind the Kia Sedona which scored 391! The survey pulled data from 44,000 respondents who had purchased a new car, in case you were wondering about the sample size. We knew the Macan was a sales hit but we had no idea it was this loved. Kudos to the Corvette as well. As for the rest of the industry, take notice that extreme fuel efficiency doesn't lead to love. Cars still need to be somewhat cool and fun to drive.

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