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A Nissan Leaf Convertible Is A Bizarre Way To Celebrate A Sales Milestone

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Don’t worry, it isn’t going into production.

No, your eyes aren't deceiving you. This isn't a late April Fools joke or a Photoshop render. Not to be outdone by Honda's quirky Civic Type R pickup, Nissan has built something we never thought we would ever see: a Leaf convertible. But before you reel in horror, don't worry, it isn't going into production. Called the Nissan Leaf Open Car, the one-off roofless EV was revealed at an event in Tokyo to celebrate selling 100,000 Leafs in Japan since the model was first introduced back in 2010.

Around 100 people, including local and prefectural government officials and company executives, gathered at the event to discuss the creation of a "zero-emission society." Nissan didn't provide any details about the Leaf Open Car's development, but there doesn't appear to be any folding-roof mechanisms. As well as removing the roof, the rear doors are also gone, leaving us with a two-door Nissan Leaf roadster only suitable for sunny days. While the Leaf hatchback offers room for five inside, the Leaf Open Car adopts a four-seat layout with a large rear seat. The styling is otherwise unchanged.

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No technical details have been provided, but Nissan has reiterated some of the new-generation Leaf's features such as its semi-autonomous ProPilot driving system, e-Pedal and other 'Intelligent Mobility' technologies. Presumably, these features have been carried over to the Leaf Open Car along with the regular car's 147-hp electric motor and 40-kWh battery pack. We can't say we're sad Nissan isn't planning to put the Leaf Open Car into production. Somehow, we don't think a topless Leaf will get people rushing into showrooms.