A Nissan Maxima NISMO? Oh Hell Yeah!


This needs to happen.

Nissan has branded it the "four-door sports car" for years, but the Maxima hasn't quite lived up to that description in a quite some time. Many even think the Maxima's best days, the mid- to late-90s, are behind it now. In fact, is the Maxima needed at all? With the Altima getting larger and the Maxima losing its sporty appeal over time, even some Nissan insiders acknowledged the latest Maxima almost didn't happen. However, sales of the all-new 2016 Maxima are off to a solid start.

Because of this, a Nissan official has readily acknowledged to The Detroit Bureau that the Japanese automaker is now strongly considering giving the Maxima the NISMO performance treatment. "We're trying to gauge reaction to the car," stated 2016 Maxima product planner Vishnu Jayamohan. "We have our NISMO brand which would be a great outlet for this car." While a coupe or any other alternative Maxima body style has already been ruled out, a NISMO Maxima would likely receive a horsepower boost, improved handling and an even sportier exterior and interior. Nissan hasn't given the green light just yet, but if 2016 Maxima sales continue to rise then the NISMO team may soon receive a phone call.

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Source Credits: www.thedetroitbureau.com

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