A North Korean Car Dealership Is The Creepiest Place On Earth

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Don't believe us? Just watch this video.

This video was shot by Erick Tseng on a trip he took to North Korea last fall. During his trip the intrepid traveler visited Pyeonghwa Motors, a North Korean auto dealer. It's a well-known fact that when foreigners visit the country their experiences are carefully monitored. Virtually nothing happens in public that isn't scripted. That means this wasn't just a normal day in the dealership. Tseng suspects as much, calling out the assorted "customers" as actors. The entire video is funny if incredibly creepy.

Why is it creepy? Because the whole damn thing is staged! It's 99 percent likely that 100 percent of the North Koreans there were neither employees nor customers. Just check out the video for yourself. It'll make your local car lot look like Disneyland.

Source Credits: medium.com

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