A Pacifica's Uconnect System Told A Family They Drove Into The Ocean


Spoiler alert: They were nowhere near the ocean.

Whenever we review a car its navigation system is rarely used. When we do elect to let an automaker guide us from A to B it is with the expectation that the experience will be awful, at least compared to using Google Maps or Apple Maps. For just about every car we've been in that expectation has been met. After watching this video we may not even use the Chrysler Pacifica's Uconnect navigation system once we're behind the wheel of it. What's the point of trying when the system will just tell you that your car has driven off into the ocean?

YouTuber Thaddeus Reeves record the system spazzing out, although he says in the video description that there's usually some sort of an issue with it.

Normally Uconnect says the car is located 300 yards from its real position, which Reeves says results in a bunch of useless directions being given as the car desperately tries to get back to its route. In this instance the van was caught in traffic while waiting to get onto the San Francisco Bay Bridge. The Bay Bridge (where the car was actually located) and the Golden Gate Bridge (where the system placed it at) are on opposite sides of the city. In-car nav systems are known for being slow or not as accurate as Google Maps and Apple Maps, but a glitch like this is pretty ridiculous. Here's hoping this is an anomaly, but knowing FCA that may not be the case.

Handout, Chrysler

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