A Pagani Huayra Getting Jump Started By A BMW Is Something You Don't See Every Day

"Anyone got cables? My Pagani needs a jump."

Just last week I had to jump start my car, a 1990 BMW 3 Series. That wasn’t the first time I had to jump the battery and it probably won’t be the last. I wasn’t at all shocked because dead batteries are just a part of car ownership. However, we don’t often think how dead batteries can be part of supercar ownership, because that sort of thing isn’t supposed to happen to $1 million+ cars. But it does and it did to one Pagani Huayra owner at the 2016 CF Charities Supercar Show in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

The YouTuber who shot the video, sgfreak96, speculates that the battery wasn’t left on tender which would make perfect sense. Still, it’s funny to see the supercar getting a jump from a BMW X6M. See, Pagani owners are just like us…sort of.

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