A Poor Pass Led To This Ferrari 458 Getting Absolutely Obliterated On The Track

Don't worry, the driver managed to walk away.

Before you watch this video just know that the driver of this Ferrari 458 GT3 car was able to walk away from this epic crash. Sacha Bottemanne made contact with another car during a GT Tour race in Nogaro, France, causing his car to head face first into a concrete barrier. His Ferrari struck the barrier and was instantly ripped to shreds, spinning around violently before coming to a stop on the track. What’s more remarkable than this crash is that Bottemanne climbs out of his car seconds after his car comes to a stop.

Say what you will about the driver’s skills as a racer but one thing you can’t call into question is the quality of modern racing safety equipment. Check this video out for yourself to see just what we’re talking about.

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