A Porsche 911 Turbo Has a Snow Day

Going fast in the snow and ice? Why not when you have a 911 Turbo on hand.

You'd normally only consider taking a Porsche 911 out in the snow and ice if it was equipped with all-wheel-drive. While the next-generation Targa will be making its official launch fairly soon, we came across this video showing a previous generation 997 911 Turbo S going for a wintery road cruise. Fortunately, the Turbo has AWD, making it much easier (with a less chance of dying) on those icy roads. Blasting through the snow, the people over at Vivid Racing seemed fearless and confident of the supercar's capabilities.

The upcoming 991 generation Turbo is less than a year away and we don't have a shred of doubt that it will be even more magnificent than its predecessor. And yes, AWD will remain, perfect for any sort of weather. This 911 has been equipped with the tuning firm's Agency Power 630 kit with new AP wheels, exterior upgrades, and KW coilovers.

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