A Porsche Cayman GT4 Successor Is Just The Start Of More Purist Porsches

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The end of manuals and NA engines? Nope.

Porsche took a chance a few years ago when it launched the Cayman GT4, but that gamble has paid off. Autocar has learned that due to the popularity of the GT4, Porsche proceeded with the limited production 911 R, whose even greater success has now brought us the 911 GT3 Touring Pack. What has Porsche learned from all of this? "People like simplicity," stated Porsche's head of GT, Frank Walliser. "The GT4 showed us there was demand for a pure driving Porsche with a manual gearbox.

"This theme of 'pure and simple' is a success in other fields too, like scrambler motorbikes and single-speed bicycles." Unlike the 911 R, the GT3 Touring won't have a limited production; Porsche will build as many as necessary to fulfill orders. Obviously this is all good news for purist drivers, and now Porsche is already busy at work deciding its next move. More than likely, that will be a Cayman GT4 successor. Thing is, the 718 Cayman lineup is now powered by turbocharged four-cylinders instead of old naturally aspirated flat-sixes. This purist driver segment also, not unexpectedly, prefers the latter. According to Walliser, Porsche will deliver. "We won't do a performance four-cylinder."

This new GT range, as we can call it, will continue the newfound trend of driving purity, specifically NA engines and manual gearboxes. Don't expect, however, for either of those to appear in anything other than a GT-branded Porsche sports car. "It doesn't really work, because of the investment," Walliser added. "A GT car drives like it does because all of the suspension components are changed. And the investment has to be recouped with the price. You can't downsize the idea of a GT car."

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