A Porsche Specialist Leaked The Insane Pricing On The 918's Replacement Parts

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How many supercars could you buy for the price of the 918's engine?

A nice thing about the car world is that usually people that work for auto manufacturers like to leak things out to stir up the community and get gearheads (and the media) talking. This is exactly what happened when a Porsche parts specialist leaked images onto Reddit detailing how much replacement parts for the Porsche 918 Spyder cost. The 887-horsepower hypercar costs $885,000 when new, so how much do its parts cost? Are you sure you want to know? The amount is staggering.

For an engine, you'll need to write a fat $262,951 dollar check to Stuttgart. Even the engine carrier unit will dock an owner by $88,176, followed by $69,239 for the transmission, $52,677 for the flat underbelly, and a hood that's $30,274. A pair of rear fenders alone will cost $48,038 or in car terms, one nicely spec'd BMW M235i. In fact, almost every item on the list costs more than a brand new car. The only bargain priced parts are the $9,000 brake discs and the lowly $537 floor mats. These prices are eye watering, but then again, that's to be expected on a car that stands as a monument to technological breakthroughs. We've got a few of the leaked screenshots here and you can see the rest of them on the original Reddit post.

Source Credits: artofgears.com

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