A Pro Motorcycle Racer Wants To Ride This Rocket Bike To Almost 400 MPH

Hopefully the weight of his massive balls doesn't slow him down.

Guy Martin is one of the most famous and ballsiest motorcycle riders in the world. The English racer competes in the brutal Isle of Man TT race every year and regularly places among the top 10. And we all know how challenging that course can be in a car, let alone a motorcycle. Now, it appears as though the legend of two wheels is looking to go even faster by breaking the land speed record for a two-wheeled vehicle. Martin will attempt the record with the help of Triumph's 1,000-hp streamliner.

The record attempt will take place at the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah. The current record stands at 376.363 mph. As you can see in the video, testing has not gone well for Martin and his team. Here's hoping he can safely pull off 377 mph when it really counts!

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