A Prototype Of The New Z/28 Camaro Had A MASSIVE Wipeout At The Nurburgring

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And it looks like it's actually the car's fault.

Testing a prototype of a hot new car that fans are hungrily waiting for seems like a dream come true. But just like the dreams that you and I have, things can go bad really quickly. In this case a Chevy Camaro Z/28 test vehicle is seen happily munching up Nurburgring miles when the car loses control before a tight corner and slams into the barrier. The poor driver was temporarily the scorn of the Internet. However, another theory has surfaced. Look closely around the 1:35 mark and see how the rear tires break loose under hard braking.

This indicates a failure of the ABS system, and means that the driver was only subject to the dangers of their job and was not entirely at fault. At least for Chevy this is only a test vehicle, but they better fix it quick.

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