A Reborn Aston Martin is Coming in 2016

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Time for a little reinvention.

Aston Martin had a clear choice: either stick to its existing design and engine strategy or ditch them for something different. In reality, only the latter would be possible for a small company like AM. The indications of change have been around for some time: its engine partnership with AMG was the clearest sign. And now Autocar is reporting that beginning in 2016, we'll be seeing an all-new generation of AM. Call it a rebirth, if you will. The goal is to successfully take on the likes of Ferrari.

The first AMG-powered Aston will be an all-new DB9, and it'll feature new styling. Following it will be replacements for the V8 and V12 Vantage, likely in 2018. In 2019 a Vanquish successor will arrive. The Rapide won't be replaced (if at all) until around 2020, and in 2021 the long rumored Lagonda SUV could arrive. But back to the next DB9: it will be built on an updated platform with engineering input from Lotus and designed specifically to handle AMG engines. AM will also give its future models more unique styling; a common complaint amongst buyers is that the current cars look too similar. If AM can make all of this happen within the next few years, it may finally become the Ferrari fighter it's always wanted to be.

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Source Credits: www.autocar.co.uk

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