A Reborn C2 Corvette With 1,200-HP Of Electric Power Is Coming

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Ian Callum is working on the design.

The Chevrolet Corvette has looked very different over the years, but there's no doubt that the C2 shape is one of the prettiest ever made. Unfortunately, its beauty has made it very expensive, and its age means that it's now considered slow. But what if somebody was willing to bring the classic into the 21st century with a four-digit horsepower rating? That sounds like something we can all get behind, and one of the greatest designers ever is helping make it a reality. Ian Callum is the man behind some of the prettiest British cars ever, and he's working with Irish engineering firm Ava to make an electric C2 Stingray.


Callum's recently formed design house will be handling the styling of the car alongside the designer of the original Stingray, Peter Brock. The new project, dubbed Hyperclassic, will be the first of what Ava calls "a new chapter in the story of much loved cars." The teaser image above is intended to whet our appetites in preparation for the car's reveal later this month. The project will have development input from teams in Nevada, Ireland, and the UK and will be an AWD machine with "performance in the 1,200-2,000 brake horsepower range". We think that should be enough for most people.


Ava has yet to announce how many of these EV super classics will be built at the Wicklow plant, but we have been told to expect a very low production run. In terms of cost, you may want to sit down. The estimated cost of each example will be between €1.2 million and €2 million, or approximately between $1.4 million and $2.4 million. That's a price as pretty as the car should be, but when you're getting performance to make even your average Koenigsegg look underpowered, you have to pay the big bucks. But who knows? With Callum's legendary status in the automotive world, getting your hands on one of his works of art could be a valuable investment.


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