A Reborn Ford Bronco SUV Absolutely, Positively Won't Happen

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Time to end the rumors for good.

It's something many off-road SUVs enthusiasts have been clamoring for: a reborn Ford Bronco. Over the past few months there've been a few on again, off again rumors regarding the possibility of Ford reviving this nameplate. One even claimed that the upcoming F-150 Raptor would be used as the basis for a two-door SUV. It sounded too good to be true. That's because it was. Jalopnik recently reached out to Ford to get an official answer. And Ford's response?

"While Ford values the iconic Bronco name and history, there are no current plans for the new Broncos." So there you have it. If anyone doesn't believe the official Ford statement consider this: the two-door SUV market is nearly nonexistent (in North America, at least). The chances of it being relevant again are slim to none. People who buy SUVs want big, four-door vehicles as they see little use for anything smaller. They also want luxury, and the old Broncos were quite Spartan. Fantastic and affordable off-road capabilities are what they offered. Time to end the rumors for good.

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