A Restored Vintage Truck for Christmas, Please

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Now this is a true man's gift for the holidays.

There are so many times when a guy's better half doesn't know what to get him for a holiday gift. But let's be honest: neckties suck, new socks suck and so do those cheap battery-operated foot baths sold at shopping malls. So instead of getting a collection of cheap crap you don't want from your loved ones, perhaps one of these beautifully restored vintage trucks is more to your liking. For the truck fan in any family, this is undoubtedly the ultimate gift.

Based in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, Legacy Classic Trucks is an expert in restoring vintage pickup trucks, specifically Dodge Power Wagons. The company offers three levels of restoration, each offering owners different levels of activity ranging from simple trips to the Home Depot to winning first place in a car show. And yes, the restored trucks can handle off-road duties as well. They're certainly not the cheapest gifts out there, but a restored vintage pickup is perhaps the ultimate gift a truck lover could ever ask for. Trust us, it'll be worth every penny.

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Source Credits: www.legacyclassictruck.com

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