A Rev Battle Between A ZL1 Camaro And Mustang GT350 Is Pure Music


The flat-plane crank battles supercharged displacement in this rev battle.

Two muscle car owners walk into a bar and soon, an argument ensues attempting to answer the question that has no answer: which car is better? Next thing you know, the entire bar is outside as the two get in their cars and make a show for the patrons. That’s kind of how this situation goes down, smartphone wielding bystanders and all. The two stars of the show are the Ford Mustang and Chevy Camaro, two cars with a rivalry that’s nearly half a century old.

The two start up and clear their throats for a shouting match. That’s when we realize that these two aren’t just any old muscle cars.

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In the Ford corner is the Mustang GT350, a car so good that dealerships are selling it for tens of thousands over list price and customers are lining up as if it was a bargain deal. Then there’s the Camaro ZL1, a 640-horsepower supercharged monster that knows a thing or two about racing, especially given that one of its less powerful cousins gave the Dodge Charger Hellcat a scare recently. With the Ford housing a flat-plane crank Voodoo engine known for its unique (for the muscle car world) revs and the Chevy sticking with old school displacement and supercharging, it’s anyone’s guess as to who will win.