A Road Trip In A £14 Million McLaren F1 Is An Experience To Die For

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This is what happens when good gearheads die and go to heaven.

We haven't checked on the wellbeing of our man Mr JWW for a while, but to be honest there's really no need to. He's always doing great, and thankfully he brings his camera along to record just how great his enviable life is. Last time we caught up with him he was taking a special sneak drive of the upcoming Jaguar I-Pace. Before that? He was in a gearhead's ultimate heaven, chasing a Ferrari 488 GTB in a McLaren 650S Spider down an empty winding highway.

This time we find him living the dream once again by taking a £14 million (that's $17.9 million for us in the Red White and Blue) McLaren F1 on a road trip around Europe. Seriously, how can a guy get in on this madness? Appropriately, he begins his adventure in an underground car park in London.

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His first stop is the circuit of Spa-Francorchamps in Belgium, a 4.3-mile, 20-turn race track that's the perfect place to open up this McLaren. Given the exorbitant price of the F1, none of that track workout we were anticipating takes place (at least in this video), but he does have 320 miles between himself and the race track, all of which needs to be spent inside one of the 106 F1s ever made. What a special travel chamber to inhabit. Let's all wish Mr JWW more amazing supercar experiences provided he keeps bringing his camera along.

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