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A Rolls-Royce Should Look Ridiculous With A Widebody Kit

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But German tuner Spofec somehow pulls it off.

We'll be honest, we didn't think we would ever see a Rolls-Royce wearing a widebody kit. Rolls-Royces are designed to be refined and elegant, so you wouldn't think they would be suitable cars to receive aftermarket tuning treatment. And yet somehow, German tuner Spofac has pulled it off masterfully with this modified Rolls-Royce Dawn. It's the work of Spofec (the name is derived from SPirit OF ECstasy, if you hadn't worked it out) a division of the renowned German tuner Novitec Group that specializes in Rolls-Royces.

Granted, the Dawn isn't a very subtle car to begin with thanks to its huge size and gaping front grille, but Spofec has managed to make the luxury cabrio look even more eye-catching.

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The centrepiece of the tuning package, which Spofec aptly calls "Overdose", is an aggressive widebody kit that adds carbon fiber front and rear bumps along with new side skirts and flared wheel arches that widen the already mammoth Rolls Royce Dawn by 13 cm. A set of specially created 22-inch wheels round off the cosmetic modifications. The upgrade doesn't just include visual enhancements, either, as the luxurious convertible has been given a significant power boost. The tuner has increased the Dawn's power output by massaging its 6.6-liter V12 engine from 570-hp to 685-hp, while maximum torque has also increased to a hefty 723 lb-ft. With these modifications, 0-62 mph now just takes 4.6 seconds.

To handle that extra grunt, Spofec has added an optional carbon ceramic brake upgrade, which removes 38 kg from the car's unsprung weight. The Dawn's air suspension system hasn't been replaced – instead, the tuner has installed a new control module that lowers the Dawn by 40 mm. After you reach 87 mph, the car raises back to normal height. To retain its exclusivity, Spofec is only building eight examples of the Rolls-Royce Dawn Overdose. No prices have been announced, but the cost of each car will vary considerably since customers will be able to extensively customize them to make each example completely unique.