A Russian Driver Crashing Through An Airport Must Be Seen To Be Believed

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Only in Russia could something this crazy end up happening.

There are endless jokes that involve the strange automotive incidences that seemingly always occur in Russia. Car crashes are so common there that most drivers use dash cams to capture everything that happens on the road. This means that the Internet is flooded with kooky videos that all come from Russian dash cameras, and the latest video out of there is a real head-scratcher. The footage shows an intoxicated Russian driver who crashes through the doors of an airport terminal in an attempt to evade police during a high-speed chase.

A Lada Samara rams into the glass door at the airport four times before finally breaking through. The police try to stop the driver, but the doors appear to be locked. The driver makes it through the terminal, crashing into a water pipe, subsequently flooding the building.

Police finally detained the driver, who was found with marijuana in the vehicle. According to RT, the 40-year-old driver was reportedly a former special police force member. The damage that was caused in the chase is estimated at over $100,000 and the driver has been detained for 15 days pending an investigation. Watching a car drive through an airport terminal seems like something that could only happen in a movie or a Grand Theft Auto video game. Russia is a very interesting (and entertaining) place indeed.

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