A Saleen Mustang Camera Car Filmed The Race Scenes In Need For Speed

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Now you can make your own car action movie with this Saleen Mustang that filmed the races in the Need for Speed movie.

When the Bugatti Chiron set a 0-249-0 mph record last year, it needed a camera car that could keep up to record the attempt. The solution? Simple: use another Chiron as a camera car. Turns out the crew behind the 2014 Need for Speed film starring Arron Paul had similar ideas. To film the numerous high speed race and chase scenes throughout the film, a modified Saleen Mustang was used as one of the camera cars during the production to keep up with some of the star cars in the film, including Saleen S7 and Bugatti Veyron replicas.

And now one of them is about to be sold at this month's 2018 Barrett Jackson Scottsdale sale, which has everything you need to now film your own car chase scenes. Based on the 2013 Ford Mustang GT with a 5.0-liter Coyote V8 and a six-speed manual, the camera car was extensively modified by Saleen solely for the film.

Saleen added a supercharger that bumped the Mustang's power up to a whopping 625-horsepower, as well as 14-inch Saleen slotted brake rotors and calipers among other modifications. It was also fitted with a custom-built roll cage, Corbeau racing buckets with harnesses, a glass box at the rear to carry the camera men and equipment, and mounts for gyroscopic cameras on the bumpers. To reduce glare and reflections, it's been finished in matte black, and the front passenger airbag was removed to allow room for additional electronics. It's only covered 7,780 miles and will be sold with no reserve.

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