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A Saudi Arabian Road Trip Requires a McLaren 12C

Having fun is what life is all about.

It turns out that Saudi Arabia has some of the best driving roads in not only the Middle East, but also in the entire world. Seriously. And we’re not talking about treks through highways paved in the desert. No, the Saudi kingdom has gorgeous mountain ranges with some twisty and challenging roads cut right through the rocks. And when it comes time to choosing your holy chariot, there’s a few supercars that come to mind, but one in particular will be a guaranteed thrill: the McLaren 12C.

And a crew from the Drive channel recently managed to convince McLaren to loan them a couple of 12Cs for this epic drive. Check out the video ahead and see why Saudi Arabia may soon become a hot (no pun intended) destination for car lovers around the world seeking out both adventure and the drive of a lifetime.

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