A Semi-Truck Accidently Dragged A Minivan For 16 Miles With The Family Trapped Inside

Amazingly no one was hurt.

Clearly this was a very unusual thing to happen but it happened nonetheless. And amazingly no one was hurt. Early last Wednesday morning, a Northern Michigan family was driving on the highway when there was a sudden whiteout, meaning snow was coming down so hard and fast that visibility was reduced to zero. Before anything could be done about it, the family rear-ended a semi-truck. They simply couldn’t see it in front of them. The minivan got wedged underneath the semi and was dragged behind it for 16 miles.

The semi driver had absolutely no clue what happened. The family frantically called 911 to report their predicament because not even honking the horn caught the semi's attention. Finally police were able to locate the semi-minivan combo after 25 minutes. Please be careful driving out there, everyone.

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