A Shrunken Alfa Romeo Stelvio QV Could Become A Hot Hatch King


Another rendering artist gives us reason to look forward to the future.

Rendering artist Theophilus Chin usually spends his time coming up with some fairly creative ideas for fictional cars based off of existing models. Some, like the Audi A5 Sportback, look fantastic and end up coming to America while others, like the BMW M5 Touring wagon, are left as nothing more than rendered figments of the imagination. At other times, Theophilus Chin makes a rendering to prove a point, and that's exactly the case with the Alfa Romeo Giulietta we see here.

Essentially, the artist thinks that the Stelvio that was just released to America at the LA Auto Show looks a bit too much like the Giulia if it had a hatchback version. To come up with this design, Theophilus Chin simply reduced the Stelvio's dimensions and translated the bulbous rear end to the Giulia. That's something we're okay with given how good the Giulia looks and in our opinion, if Alfa Romeo knocked it out of the park with styling, why not lend the SUV the same outfit if it translates well? The rear end of the Stelvio may be rounded off in order to allow for the Giulia's bodylines to prevail, but we doubt it will be much of an issue to prospective buyers. In either case, Theophilus Chin proves two points by creating the Giulietta hatchback.

The first thing is that yes, the Stelvio looks quite a bit like a Giulia with a fifth door. The second is that no matter what recipe you add to Alfa Romeo's styling ingredients, the end result will look fantastic. If there wasn't a reason to bring Alfa Romeo's planned wagon to the states before, there sure is now. Previously rendering artists Alessandro Masera and X Tomi Design imagined what the Giulia would look like in wagon guise, and now that we know Europe is getting one, a Giulietta hatchback should follow. All it would take for Alfa Romeo to make the perfect car for the family-oriented enthusiast is to add the QV's 505 horsepower 2.9-liter twin-turbo engine to the mix and call it a day. A gearhead can dream right?

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