A Sports Exhaust Is The Option We Don't Mind Spending Our Money On

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You can't put a price on a wonderful noise, although some manufacturers give it a shot.

When you sit down at the dealership to decide which options you want on your car, it can get really expensive. After adding features like navigation, heated seats or even a bigger engine, it doesn't take long before you're spending way more than originally planned. Some of these options are worthier than others, but there is one option that we feel is a must have when you buy a sports car: a sports exhaust.


A sports exhaust primary function is to make a louder sound by opening a valve in the exhaust system. If you want to have a bit of fun with your car, you can push a button and your ears will be instantly filled with music. If you just want to relax and get through your daily commute, you can simply turn the system off and you'll forget that you're even driving a sports car. If you go the aftermarket route, you can replace as many portions of the exhaust system as you want including the tips, muffler, manifold or even the entire system. This upgrade typically cost anywhere from $300 to many thousands of dollars. However, most of these systems have a fatal flaw.

You could make your car extremely loud, but you really couldn't do much to shut it up. Some systems would have a sort of "dummy" valve that would open up when you hit wide open throttle. Other systems came with inserts that you could install if you were, for instance, taking a road trip with your family and wanted it to be free of exhaust drone on the highway. Both of these options tend to cost a little more and neither can really match the convenience and the awesome functionality of just pushing a button on the dashboard. Some very expensive exhausts do come with the same functionality, but usually at a very inflated cost.

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We can't argue that buying the sports exhaust from the manufacturer is the most cost effective way to get some noise, but we do think that it is the best. Each manufacturer charges a different amount for a sports exhaust, but some of our favorites are the Porsche 911 ($2,950) and Chevrolet Camaro ($895).

Some of these sports exhaust are pretty inexpensive, while others can be quite pricey. However, if you're buying a new car and you see a sports exhaust as an option, it's really worth the time to go on some forums and see how other people like the system. For us, most of these systems are a no brainer and cars that have them as standard are even better.

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