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A Spot of Cinquecento Sunshine

This 1964 Fiat 500D is low on power and any sort versatility, but it's quite possibly one of the most charming things out there.

It has just two cylinders and 17 horsepower and rides on 12” wheels. It’s tiny inside and has absolutely no cargo space, and yet this yellow 1964 Fiat 500D is about as charming and fun as they come. For owner Annetta, her beautifully restored classic Fiat (named Luigi) represents the simply joys in life we too often ignore or just forget. Moments such as driving through some twisty mountain roads, cruising along the coastline, or simply watching the sunset with that special someone at your side are things this little 500 was made for.

Cars don’t always have to be about power and performance, but rather how they make you feel while behind the wheel.

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