A Step By Step Guide To Aerography

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For when your car has to be unique.

With vinyl wraps having become so commonplace as to no longer be enough to make a car stand out, many owners have been turning to aerography, a style of artwork whereby an image painted on a car is made to look three-dimensional. The process of creating this artwork is fairly involved, but here you will be able to see it being done. The first step is to discuss the artwork with the car's owner, and create a computer rendering of what it will look like on the car.

This rendering is then often used as a stencil. For readers with tattoos, this process will look fairly familiar. And just like with a tattoo, the artist will sometimes skip this step and create the art freehand. But images like this one, which use a lot of straight lines and/or fine detail work, will generally require a stencil. After the image from the stencil is applied, the background is created, almost always freehand. Finally, clear coat is applied over the image and buffed until mated with the clear coat on the rest of the paint. We do wonder about this whole practice a bit, as it seems a little permanent when compared to a wrap, but ultimately, it is the owner's decision.

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