A Street-Legal McLaren P1 GTR For $4.36 Million Is A Steal

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If we had the money...

The McLaren P1 GTR was originally designed as a hardcore, track-only version of the company's hybrid P1 supercar. Only 45 were made, and of that limited run a few were converted by Lanzante Motorsport to be street-legal. Occasionally one of those road-legal PT GTRs will pop up for sale. We saw one last year listed for the staggering price of $7.2 million. This example is just a bit cheaper at €3,993,000 ($4.36 million). That price includes a 21% VAT, so if you want to split hairs the real asking price is €3,300,000 ($3.61 million).


The car is for sale in the Netherlands at a placed called Wongs Trading Company, which is totally a real business and not just a front, at least we assume so. Its website looks to be pretty dated, but the listing itself lives on automobile.fr. Unfortunately neither the listing nor Wongs Trading Company's site has much detail on this road-legal P1 GTR. From the photos provided we can clearly see that it's black and in good condition. Other than that the mileage and any other modifications are unknown. It is highly unlikely anyone bothered to tune this P1 GTR as it came ready to race out the box. It makes 986 horsepower and creates 10% more downforce than the "standard" P1 and weight was cut by 110 lbs.

Obviously the P1 GTR is a special car, but one you can drive on the street without being pulled over, well that's in a whole other league entirely. If you've got the cash, along with the patience to find a way to register and insure this thing, then you might want to book your flight to the Netherlands now. The rest of us will just continue to ogle these photos and wonder "what if?"


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