A Supercharged 550 HP AC Cobra 378 Will Debut In 2017

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Reborn awesomeness at its very best.

We all know the Shelby Cobra. We all love and admire the Shelby Cobra, but if you're looking to buy an original Shelby Cobra, be prepared to pay handsomely. Before you do so, however, you need to know that, according to Autocar, AC Cars will launch the Cobra 378 in 2017. Yes, consider it a reborn version of that classic roadster. It'll look the same from the outside, but under the hood is a different story.

Autocar claims buyers will have a choice between two 6.2-liter V8s: naturally aspirated and supercharged with 440 and 550 hp, respectively. But unlike the original Cobras, the 378 will have present day guts. Specifically, there'll be an electronic control unit, power brakes, power steering and a modern transmission. Air conditioning will also be an option. AC Cars owner, Alan Lubinsky, told Autocar that UK deliveries will begin this February or March. As for the US market, Lubinsky claims he's "waiting for new US low-volume manufacturing rules to be finalized so we can sell the car there."

Furthermore, "the car will be sold in the America as the Autokraft MkIV Classic." As for production, it'll be unlimited. Basically, as long as there are enough buyers, AC Cars will be on building them. In fact, the company is already planning a more toned-down version Cobra in the coming few years. Pricing? The UK cars are said to cost less than 100,000 pounds, "something in the vicinity of 85,000 to 90,000," according to Lubinsky. US pricing will obviously be announced once progress happens with the US low-volume rules but rest assured, the reborn AC Cobra is coming and it's going to be ridiculously awesome.


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