A Swarm Of 200,000 Bees Attacking A Mitsubishi Outlander Is Painful To Watch

This isn't at all messed up.

Imagine for a moment this Mitsubishi Outlander is you, and there’s a swarm of 200,000 bees attacking you because you’re holding their queen hostage. Your tombstone will read something like "Died From 200,000 Bee Stings." Fortunately, a car isn’t alive and its metal body will survive the onslaught of angry bees. That’s exactly what happened in Haverfordwest, West Wales. According to reports, the car’s owner was at a nature reserve earlier in the day and, somehow, the queen bee got trapped inside.

Being the loyal bees they are, they tried to rescue their queen. A local beekeeping group was called to lure the bees away from the car and into a box. However, the following morning the bees returned to the car, still searching for their queen who has yet to be found.

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