A Thermal Imaging Lens Makes Drag Racing Look Insanely Cool

And also extremely hot.

So most gearheads have seen plenty of awesome drag racing footage before. From amazing supercars, to mean American muscle cars and tuned import rides, race fans have pretty much seen it all thanks to the convenience of the internet. However, one thing that you don’t see every day is something like this incredible video that shows a sweet series of drag races and drifts through a thermal imaging lens. This truly is drag racing like you’ve never seen it before and it is quite literally one of hottest drag race compilations we've ever seen.

Exhaust backfires, burnouts, and revs have a whole new awesomeness to them when seen through the perspective of this kind of lens. What we wouldn’t do to see something like a Koenigsegg Agera and Porsche 918 drag race from this perspective. Check it out and enjoy.

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