A Tiny Mishap And Dumb Drivers Forces FCA To Recall 1.1 Million Vehicles

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There are multiple parties at fault here including drivers.

Nowadays, every bit of technology seems to be switching over from analogue to digital. This irks some people because even though analogue technology wasn't looking over their shoulders for every move they made, there was less of a chance for technological error. New turn signals are a good example of this. Automakers think it gives a car a fancy touch when a driver flicks the turn signal and it returns to its original position. Instead, these cause more distraction and annoyance.


Old mechanical turn signals would stay in the left or right indicator positions until the turn was made or the driver shut it off. Simple. The same goes for newer cars with gear selectors that go back to their original positions after selecting a gear. Now Fiat Chrysler has found this out the hard way because the auto giant has just issued a recall for over 1.1 million vehicles. The cause for it all is the fact that on these cars, it is too easy to forget to shift the car into park and have the car roll away. All of the affected vehicles feature shifters that return to their original position after selecting a gear, meaning that gear selection is only indicated by a light and not by the position of the leaver. So far, 41 cases of injury are known to have been caused by these shifters.

When a driver exits the car without putting the car in park, there are usually warning noises that come on, but this isn't enough for some drivers. While this isn't necessarily a defect of a part, it is a flaw in the design that was discovered by an investigation made by FCA and the NHTSA. In the US, the affected models are the 2012-2014 Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 sedans, and 2014-2015 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV. Recalled vehicles will have additional warnings added as well as reprogramed transmissions that will stop a vehicle if it thinks it's rolling away unintentionally. We have to admit, although these new shift mechanisms seem like accidents waiting to happen, vigilant driving could have prevented any injuries.

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