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A Topless Toyota Supra Could Look Like This


Toyota has already said it's considering a convertible Supra.

The wait is finally over. After a countless number of concept cars and teasers, the new sixth-generation Toyota Supra is finally here. Toyota lifted the wraps off the reborn Japanese sports car at the Detroit Auto Show, which is currently only available with a double-bubble roof. But what if Toyota built a convertible variant?

Render artist X-Tomi Design has shown us what a new Toyota Supra convertible could potentially look like by digitally removing the roof. It may seem unlikely to ever happen, but let’s not forget the third and fourth generations of the Supra were available with a removable roof panel.

Toyota also hasn’t ruled out the possibility of a topless A90 Supra. "Of course, we consider this [convertible],” the Supra’s chief engineer, Tetsuya Tada, said in a recent interview. A convertible Toyota Supra would also make sense since it shares components with the BMW Z4 roadster. Since Toyota decided not to build a production version of the FT-86 Open concept as an 86 Convertible, the automaker currently doesn’t offer any droptop models in the US. A Supra featuring a folding fabric top like the Z4 would fill that void.

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Likewise, we also can’t help but wonder if a fixed-roof BMW Z4 coupe is in the pipeline. There’s no binding contract preventing these cars from being developed, so you never know.

If it ever does get the green light, the new Supra convertible would be powered by 3.0-liter inline-six producing 335 hp and 365 lb-ft of torque in the US. Expect it to also command a premium over the standard model, which starts at $49,990.