A Tour in Pictures: The Porsche Museum in Stuttgart

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Can't get to Stuttgart? Then take a tour here and view some of the Porsche Museum's greatest highlights.

Situated in the Zuffenhausen district of Stuttgart, Germany is one of the most incredible automotive museums ever built. Yes, it may be devoted entirely to one automaker, but the Porsche Museum is home to many of the world's most rare and historic Porsches ever built. It encompasses some 5,600 square meters and about 80 exhibits, some of which include the first 356 ever built, a 1962 Type 804 Formula 1 racing car, and a 2003 Carrera GT.

Porsche first started their museum back in 1976 with only 20 exhibits. Since the new museum opened its doors in 2009, the automaker is now able to display even more rare and historic cars from its early days till the present. At a cost of €100 million, it's one of the most expensive automaker museums ever constructed. Photos used with permission from Flickr user 'stkone'.

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Source Credits: www.flickr.com

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