A Toy Mustang And A Treadmill Is All You Need To Learn About Tow Safety

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Keep this in mind next time you're hauling every possession you own.

Sure it's impractical to use a Mustang to tow the contents of your college dorm room across the country, but that doesn't mean you can't use performance cars as utilitarian hauling devices when you have a day off from the race track. Still, that's not the point of this exercise, put on by U-Haul. Its purpose is to help the towing illiterate learn about the importance of packing a trailer correctly, and let's be honest, most U-Haul customers are in the dark about heavy duty transport. That's nothing to be ashamed of. How many people tow stuff on the regular anyway?

To make things more fun, the demo car used here is a toy Ford Mustang.

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Using the car, a trailer with weights that can be moved around, and what appears to be a treadmill, the U-Haul instructor first attempts to disrupt the 'Stang's smooth travel with a nudge. Since the bulk of the weight is in front of the trailer's wheels, a chaotic scene is quickly sorted after the Mustang regains balance. To follow up and showcase the dangers of an improperly loaded trailer, the instructor then moves the bulk to the rear, behind the trailer's wheels. Then, even a small push is enough to send both trailer and muscle car careening to certain destruction. Keep this in mind the next time you decide to load up a trailer for a weekend trip or away or during your next big move.

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