A Toyota Exec Just Dropped A Hint That The New Supra Will Be A Hybrid


It's a small hint that you have to squint to see, but we promise it's there.

Here's one you haven't heard before: The new Toyota Supra could come be a hybrid. Wow, where did we get such an original scoop from? It's not like that news hasn't been floating around the Internet for what feels like forever, right? Sarcasm aside, we're pretty sure the revived Supra will offer a hybrid option even if Toyota is staying mum on the project as a whole, although it is dropping small crumbs of info every now and then. The latest crumb was left by Toyota Europe president and CEO, Johan van Zyl, in an interview with Auto Express.

The British outlet asked if the automaker's desire for a hybrid in every segment of its lineup means that it will one day offer a hybrid sports car. "I would imagine that in the future that will definitely happen. We already have some sporting models with hybrid powertrains on the Lexus side. But on the Toyota side, I think we will find that if we can have a World Endurance Championship racing car with hybrid technology, it can happen on a road car," Zyl responded. Unfortunately there isn't a ton to read into there. Neither is there in this follow-up quote from the Toyota Europe CEO. "I do not have any doubt whatsoever that in the longer-term future there will be a real Toyota sports model using electrification."

Just how many years off is the "longer-term future?" Well, the revived Supra is slated to arrive either in late 2017 or early 2018, so perhaps Toyota measures the future in months and not years. Here's hoping that's the case. While these quotes don't give us much to work with we're at least glad Toyota execs are providing answers-even if they are half-answers-to questions regarding a hybrid Supra. One of these days someone will crack if we all just keep at it….maybe.

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