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A Toyota Prius Is Not Where You'd Expect To Find An M61 Vulcan Rotary Cannon

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These coffee-roasting veterans are not messing around.

There's any number of things you might expect to see on a Toyota Prius. Like a Greenpeace bumper sticker, or a Garfield plush toy suction-cupped to the rear window. But an M61 Vulcan rotary cannon? Not so much. Yet that's exactly what we have here.

The unlikely marriage was performed by one Black Rifle Coffee Company, which describes itself as "a premium, small-batch, roast to order, veteran owned and operated" coffee brewer. Evidently some of the veterans haven't quite lost of the bug for firepower, so they took the Gatling gun from an F-16 Falcon and mounted it to the roof of a Prius, "because Raptors are expensive."

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Whether they mean the high-performance off-road version of the Ford F-150 or (as The Drive points out) Lockheed Martin's F-22 fighter jet (which goes by the same name), we don't know. But both fit the bill, and neither (in this particular case) would surprise us.

Either way, fitting the big cannon to the roof of the hybrid, as you might imagine, wasn't as simple as mounting a roof rack. It required stripping the interior and adding considerable reinforcement in a process that took over 160 hours of labor. An M61 weighs over 200 pounds, after all.

That's even without the mechanism that feeds it with bullets. Add all the extra equipment, and the considerable force exerted by actually firing the thing, and the Toyota's existing roof wasn't gonna last much longer than the target.

And it actually fires. Upwards of 6,000 rounds per minute. Keep the trigger pulled and you'd blow through about $180k of ammo per minute. But that's still nothing compared to the kind of damage it'd inflict – whether mounted to the nose of a military aircraft, the deck of a naval ship (as part of the Phalanx air defense system), or the roof of a Prius.